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Mission Statement

celebrating 26 years!

Motor City Youth Theatre


Motor City Youth Theatre Bard Bums will begin its Shakespeare academy this year!

For students who want to know more about William Shakespeare, his life and plays

Students will watch and discuss Shakespeare film productions, read scenes, perform scenes, cook, and do crafts of Shakespeare's time period.

Classes will meet one day a week. More information will follow.

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To enrich the lives of youth through participation in dance, music, visual arts, theatre workshops and main stage productions;
To facilitate youth’s development of life skills such as problem solving, decision-making and team work;
To offer high quality theatrical productions to the community.
 Children with special needs are also included as equals in MCYT programs and productions.  Unlike most programs that audition and accept only the most talented children, MCYT accepts all children and guides them toward becoming creative and talented leaders who advance to adult theatre programs and other professions. 

Get ready to go back in time to the world of Charles Dickens,

tweaked, of course, by Hollywood.

This fall’s MCYT Oliver Production will begin with a three week audition workshop, in which actors will be grouped according to age/grade and will work on appropriate songs, dances and dialogue from the musical. This is considered part of the audition process. After final casting, rehearsals will follow a similar schedule. The total program is 15 weeks.

Rehearsal groups, which may overlap,
are basically three groups:
Orphan ages
Pickpocket ages
Adult ages

There are many roles available for the show, but the greatest part of the production will be the large musical numbers.
Contact us for more information and a registration form.



Past Productions

The Mouse Trap, 2012

Lady Pirates of Captain Bree, 2013​

Sleepy Hollow, 2014

Dirty Work at the Crossroads, 2015

The Great Ghost Chase. 2015

​The Ghosts of Spoon River, 2016

The Redford Cemetery Walk

Poe and Friends